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Culture Point - CRIARTE

THE CRIARTE CULTURE POINT will enable member and local community the cultural identity reaffirmation, also generations' social experiences and cultural backgrounds, the generations' diffusion through games, toys, music, dance and cultural products production, in order to gather information into collections that should be available to the community, public schools, universities and to the public in general. The city of Betim, with 450,000 residents, has not had access to the Culture Point, which is a essential equipment for the population cultural actions strengthening and revitalization. The participation of the Young "Tuned" Communicators group will be of great importance in the project's execution and they register all the phases in video, photos, printed material and uploading to the blogs all the actions worked by the CRIARTE Culture Point that will last for 3 years. CRIARTE CULTURE POINT objectves 1 - Register the actions in video, photo, printes material and on blog - the cultural events that took place in the communities which are in vulnerable situations, residents in neighborhoods and suburbs in the rural area of Betim.
2 - Provide child, adolescent, young people and family’s moments of encounter and sociability through concerts, workshops, exhibitions, festivals, circus day, group activities where they can discover, appreciate and preserve local and regional culture, promoting the community's and family's development . 3 - knowledge Expansion, access to entertainment and to the right to liberty and the dignity as human persons in the development process and as a civil, human subjects, social and cultural rights guaranteed by the Constitution and the laws. 4 - expand and qualify the action of leaders and / or groups in the defense and affirmation of the cultural diversity.

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