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Meet our partners

The Ramacrisna is one of the first organizations in the country who works with self-sustainable projects. Thanks to a long-term vision of its founder, Professor Arlindo da Silva Corrêa, in the '70s two production units were created in order to generate funds for the maintenance of the institution. The creation of the wire mesh manufactory in 1975 and the homemade pasta manufactory in 1977 are common proposals in the third sector today but for that time they were very innovative and daring proposals. Because of its excellent quality products manufactoring, punctual delivey and fair price, Ramacrisna is a reference in self-sustainable projects in the country. By developing qualified activities without interroption, Ramacrisna fulfills its mission of promoting dreams, transforming lives, contributing to the education level improvement, to the Digital World access and to the life quality improvement of hundreds of families.

The Ramacrisna pasta can be found in the best supermarkets placed in Belo Horizonte and areas near by.

Ramacrisna wire mesh can be found in the Minas Gerais State market and also in other Brazilian States and the factory works with Belgo Beckart products, which are products of very high quality.

Address: Mestre Ramacrisna st 379 - Santo Afonso - Betim/Minas Gerais/Brazil Zip: 32.623-524 - Phone/Fax: +55 31 3596 2828
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